Even after a hard night, you won't catch Vancouver needing make-up. Blessed from birth with perfect bone structure, the city has a photogenic facade and effortless chic that are often compared to San Francisco's. Nestled snugly between mountains and sea, it lies on a strip of land bounded on the north by Burrard Inlet and on the south by Fraser River.

But Vancouver has more to offer than just its postcard good looks. Certainly one of the most cosmopolitan cities in North America, it is still a city of new immigrants - wander the streets and you'll hear a dozen different languages. The city also attracts young professionals and artists from the eastern provinces who come here to enjoy the city's recreation and laid-back sophistication.

If there's a drawback to this place 'where everyone would want to live,' it's the rain - particularly in winter, when it rarely stops. Even in summer, a soggy spell can last for weeks. But when the sun shines gloriously and the mountains reappear, all seems to be forgiven.

Population: 2 million
Province: British Columbia
Time Zone: Pacific Time (GMT/UTC -8)
Telephone area code: 604

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Vancouver lies in the southwestern corner of British Columbia, the southwesternmost province in Canada. It's on the Pacific coast, backed by the Coast Mountains and fronting Vancouver Island across Georgia Strait. The city is 40km (25mi) north of the US border, 73km (45mi) north of Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, and 189km (117mi) north of Seattle.

Downtown and the major neighborhoods are on a small peninsula, surrounded by English Bay on the west and the Burrard Inlet on the east. To the north of Burrard Inlet lie West and North Vancouver and the Coast Mountains. Bays, inlets and river branches, as well as the Pacific coastline, are major features of the city.

The downtown peninsula is separated from the southern section of the city by the narrow inlet of False Creek. The center of downtown is Pacific Centre, a three-block complex of offices, restaurants, shops and theaters at the corner of Robson and Howe Sts. Robson and Georgia St (two blocks north) are the two principal northwest-southeast streets. Both run into Stanley Park, the city's largest park, which occupies the tip of the peninsula. Chinatown, the West Side and other major neighborhoods are within walking distance of downtown.

Vancouver International Airport is about 10km (6mi) south of the city on Sea Island, between Vancouver and the city of Richmond. Both rail and long-distance bus services are located at the Pacific Central Station, on Station St between National and Terminal Aves, a few blocks south of Chinatown.


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