São Paulo

São Paulo - totally different

The biggest city in South America is a city of immigrants and ethnic neighborhoods. An estimated 17 million people, many of them descendants of Italian and Japanese migrants, live in this plateau megalopolis. Strong industrial development and cultural diversity have provided São Paulo with the largest, most cultured and educated middle class in Brazil. These Paulistas are lively and well-informed and, though they complain about the traffic, street violence and pollution, wouldn't dream of living anywhere else.

São Paulo can be an intimidating place but, if you know someone to show you around or you like big cities, it offers the excitement and nightlife of one of the world's most dynamic places. Attractions include the baroque Teatro Municipal, Niemeyer's Edifício Copan, the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) and the 16th-century Patío do Colégio. The city is southwest of Rio and you can fly from there in less than an hour or take a six-hour bus ride.
São Paulo is a very interesting place to be.First impression is, leave it as soon as possible, but when you know someone there and you have the chance/time to explore it more and more, you'll see that it is a place where you can survive.