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The mainly-Muslim island of Lombok is an island of uncrowded beaches and tranquil countryside, dominated by the spectacular volcano of Mt Rinjani. Although it's got a Balinesque feel to it, it has not yet fallen victim to the sloganised T-shirt, beer and bikini set. In some places there's a refreshing indifference to tourists, but that's all set to change as the those who've 'done Bali' strike out for fresh fields.

Some Indonesian anger and civil unrest boiled over into Lombok, although by and large the island remained relatively unscathed. However, the political situation remains uncertain and the economic situation dire. If you are considering travelling to Lombok in the near future, you are advised to contact your embassy and get the latest update on the security situation.

Country: Indonesia
Population: 2.4 million
Capital city: Mataram
People: 90% Sasak, Balinese, Chinese, Javanese, Arabs
Language Sasak and Bahasa Indonesian
Religion: Islam, Wektu Telu (a combination of Balinese Hinduism, Islam and animism which originated in northern Lombok)

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