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Grand Canyon National Park

Perhaps no landscape on earth is as startling to the observer as the vast yet intricate face of the Grand Canyon. Over serveral million years the Colorado River has carved an immense chasm through an arid land - one of the greatest geological features of its kind. The layers of rock exposed in the Canyon walls record much of the geologic history of North America. But it is the sheer visual impact of the landscape that impresses most people. The world seems larger here with sunrises, sunsets, and storms taking on an added dimension to match the landscape. It is a land to humble the soul.

Grand Canyon National Park includes the South Rim, which draws most visitors, the North Rim, which attracts about 10 miles apart as the crow flies, they are separated by more than 215 miles of road.

The South Rim is open all year; the North Rim is usually open mid-May to mid-October, depending on weather. A free park newspaper, The Guide, gives information on all aspects of visiting Grand Canyon National Park. Pick up a copy at the visitor center, Tusayan Museum, or Yavapai Point museum. A separate edition is produced for the North Rim.

Grand Canyon National Park is a U.S. fee area with charges for entering the park and for camping.


USA, Arizona Grand Canyon - amazing what nature and time builds...